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Визитная карточка компании

Категория: Оптовики / Производители
Страна/ Город: Индия, Дели
Адрес: 205, IInd Floor. B.D Chamber, 10/54, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh
Сотрудники компании: Администратор компании PAPTECH INDIA PVT LTD
Телефон: (110008) 42482175, 42482176, 42482174
Факс: 42482176
E-mail: manish@paptechindia.com
Сайт компании: www.paptechindia.com

О компании

We are a quality office & school stationery manufacturer and exporter from India . Along with office stationery we also manufacture innovative paper bound stationery as well as plastic based stationery products like PP File Folders, Transparent PP Folders, Semi Transparent PP Folders, PP Document Folder, L Folder etc. we are in the field of office stationery manufacturing and distribution in the domestic & international market. Paper Stationery Our office stationery product range includes Б─╒ Dairies Б─╒ Organizers Б─╒ Note Books Б─╒ Writing Pads We are an acclaimed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of School and Office Stationery. Our stationery product range include; Exercise Notebooks, Long Books, Registers, Writing Pads, Conference Pads, Perforated Pads, Scribble Pads, Examination Answer Books, Theme Wall Calendars, etc. All these stationery products can be custom-designed to suit the individual requirements of our clients. We provides quality products in various size and designs, office stationery comprising the above range is available in 60 to 100 GSM. Cream Wove, map litho and writing paper quality are used employing either, Perfect binding , thread sewing or wire stitching methods of binding..

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